Past and recent comments from customers about my repair services. If you have used me for anything in the past feel free to also leave a comment at the bottom of the page,

Glen has repaired a number of Sansui products for me, including repairs to a 9090db and two QRX 5500 quads. His workmanship has always been of the highest quality. They were all in very sad working condition when delivered to Glen. They came back completed with new caps, transistors and other semi conductors replaced as necessary, all pots cleaned, lamps replaced and in excellent working order delivering brilliant music reproduction.’

Brilliant service. Got our Sansui amplifier back up and running beautifully – and at a very reasonable price.’

‘Hi Glen, I just wanted to write a quick (and belated!) thanks to you for fixing the Yamaha CD player.  It’s good to have the system going again. Good luck with the business. I’m telling my stereo-buff friends about it.’

‘The Pioneer is running absolutely great, thanks very much. I’m really very pleased. Gave it a little blast with some music and an action movie

‘Glen fixed my 1970s Sony 65W/channel tuner-receiver. It had got so bad that one channel was so crackly-noisy that I feared for my speaker on that side! He not only fixed this, changing lots of diodes/transistors, and he also got rid of hum that I had thought was coming from earth-loops in my hook-ups. And he even replaced the lamps on the tuner dial that had burnt out years ago. I felt very lucky that I found him’

‘Glen, thanks for doing a such superb job on my Sansui AU-555 – great service. Very pleased to hear that you’re now doing this full time – I’d certainly use you again’

‘Hi Glen, thanks for the great service and repair of my Bell Colt radio, this was about two years ago now the radio is in every day use and has not missed a beat, very reasonable cost of repair.’

‘Yes, I am yet another happy customer, Glen has overhauled four of my lovely Sansui amplifiers from the seventies with absolute passion and precision and so he is skilled at what he does. Also he is very honest and communication is clear. I am a repeat customer so that should say it all. Thanks Glen.’


  1. Glen, I am tickled pink, floating an inch above ground – metaphorically speaking – after getting my beloved 20 year old NAD 304 back from you after you brought it back from the dead and repaired it. The sound quality is a warm, dry, clean, no hum, no hiss, no distortion at high volume, true reproduction of the original, with all special effects (treble, bass, balance) turned off.
    The sound had in recent months progressively deteriorated to the point of becoming a nuisance, and then it finally died altogether.
    Thanks for your magic. Much appreciated.

  2. Many thanks Glen, Have been playing the JVC amp you repaired for me for a good week now and are totally impressed with its performance. It certainly is smooth and clean and lots of power. I have it up a quarter volume and and thats loud, however im going to run it in slowly. I hope you can restore the QX-949 and the SAE 7 to their former glory. Im a little worried if you are able to get parts for the SAE as they went bust in the later 80s i had heard.Very little information about them on the net. Many thanks again Glen. Kind regards from James


  3. Well Glen Iam sorry to say, the QX949 that u serviced for me has failed miserably, even 2 months after i got it back. The left rear channel has failed again, phono stage crackles badly and these things were the reason i brought it in, also the tuner does not stay in tune in which was the thing that we discussed. I have just packed it away in disgust. I cant bring it back down to u its just not worth it.
    Regards James

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